Flowers to the Sheroes

National Woman’s History Alliance named Women’s History Month 2024 “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.” May I humbly say, it’s about damn time! 😂

The month of March is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the tremendous contributions women have made to furthering EDI. Of course, we encourage you to go beyond just this month and look further, to really get curious about the contributions of women, starting with those closest to you.

There are likely many women in your circles who have been, in a variety of different ways, forging a path for EDI as entrepreneurs, caregivers, activists, educators, parents, managers, advocates, and champions. They have helped shape the true lifeblood of EDI work–to make space for ideas, people, communities, and voices that haven’t had full access. Women tell the stories and model the way for EDI practice that demands pay equity and that invites deeper understanding and engagement around neurodiversity, gender identities, anti-racism, non-dominant religious communities, and socio-economic stratification. Their work, alongside their allies, has often been quiet, misunderstood, and not “counted” in ways that are quantifiable or easily described on a spreadsheet. 

Recognition of the sheroes around you hopefully reinforces your personal commitment to continue making choices that reinforce your values. We all have an essential role to play in creating a world and workplace where every individual is given full access to the resources needed to flourish. We can then embrace equity, we then can embrace diversity and champion inclusion. We can build a stronger ecosystem where everyone has the opportunity to thrive because they feel supported, respected, and motivated to show up as their authentic selves every day.

In the spirit of going beyond the month, we invite you to join us in the ongoing work of educating ourselves about all of the ways in which we each can - and do - contribute to more equity in the world. We offer a wide array of courses to help you and your team gain deeper awareness and develop skills to contribute to positive change. We also encourage you to take 6 actionable steps to celebrate women.

Let's continue to empower and uplift each other as we work towards a brighter future.



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