Generations at Work

The world is changing at an incredible rate, and as it does, so do our workspaces. We invite managers to think about intergenerational aspects, new normals, and ways to engage across generations as you redefine your workplace environment. 

Watch our CultureRoad Podcast excerpt from the episode on The Great Resignation. As you watch the clip, think about:

  • What are the implications of cross-generational and cross-cultural differences in your workplace relationships? 
  • How have changing expectations about work/life balance impacted: 
    • Your workplace? 
    • How you work? 
    • How you measure productivity? 
  • What structures (work-from-home policies, internal communication channels, mental health supports, organizational culture resources) have/are changing to reflect new and emerging workplace expectations? 
  • How are you continuing to develop and enhance the skills needed to navigate the changing workplace culture? 
  • What role can you play in shaping the healthy and inclusive workplace culture you desire?


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