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Last week one of our team members was in conversation with a client and the client wished out loud, “We have a sudden influx of requests by our senior managers for executive coaching. We didn’t see this coming and now we are scrambling to find a solution.” We immediately responded, “We offer that and would be honored to help out.” They were surprised and pleased. And we were surprised, too. Why didn’t they know that we offer executive coaching? Micro-courses? Conferences? I guess we’ve been so busy doing the work that we haven’t been telling our story enough. Well, we’d like to tell you now.

Organizations and their leaders are being held accountable for new standards of equity, inclusion, and excellence. To this end, the most impactful changes are not reactionary or episodic: they are intentional, ongoing, and enterprise-wide; strengthening strategy, systems, and culture within an organization. The DJA suite of services capitalizes on just that. 

Tried-and-true Training for You and Your Team

This is what we’re known for–we design and offer top-notch training on all things EDI, leadership, and management. All offerings are regularly updated to include new research, relevant examples, and tools, and incorporate participant feedback. In addition, we are developing new courses and formats, and offering them in multiple languages to audiences around the world. Our training comes in a variety of formats, including: 

  1. Multi-week courses with live facilitation
  2. Micro-courses for any time learning a specific topic, and 
  3. Workshop series to bring content and facilitation that is custom to your organization to groups of any size. 


Register now for the Inclusive Manager’s Toolkit (IMT) and save your spot in the upcoming September 12 cohort. This 10-week course is an intensive virtual program that will equip you with the skills and confidence to excel in your current and future leadership roles. Access to DJA’s best thinking, top experts, and a huge portfolio of tools and resources will transform your practice with your colleagues and your organization. 

“I loved this course, the workload was challenging but very manageable for a manager. I liked there

were catchup weeks and reflections weeks to make sure sure you were getting the most out of the

materials.” - Ilana Stonebraker, IUB


The Essentials of Cultural Competence is perfect for individuals, teams, or private cohort learning for those trying to build capacity within their organization for ongoing inclusive behaviors, practices, and measurable impact.

August 22-September 23 is the fall offering. You are invited to register now

Join the thousands of past participants who are also actively pursuing their own EDI growth, and have given an average rating of  9.7 on a scale of 1-10 for usefulness of content.  According to a recent participant, the experience is: A truly awakening and inspiring course that I will highly recommend to others! 

Join us October 25-November 11 Library Management Skills Institute 1: The Manager. DJA’s most requested institute is filling up fast! Starting October 25, this all virtual course blends self-paced content and live, scheduled sessions with expert DJA facilitators - making it easily accessible in a way that is most convenient for you.  

Since January 2022, CultureRoad has been the place to develop transformational leadership skills. Add your voice to this outstanding community of practice.


DJA has compiled a robust library of 7-20 minute micro-courses that provide anytime, anywhere access to a wide array of topics. DJA has taken complex topics and broken them down into small learning units with powerful takeaways. Increase the capacity, reach, and impact of your internal learning and development efforts by accessing our world-class training content–all which seamlessly integrates contemporary EDI concepts and practical tools that support knowledge transfer. Check out our list of offerings and contact us to talk about your organization’  Topics include: Well-Being & Positive Morale | Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility | Intercultural Communication | Managing Yourself & Others | Mitigating Bias in Supplier Diversity

Workshop Series

A great way to customize your EDI training, DJA created this Workshop Series to provide access to our top facilitators, subject matter experts, contemporary content, and best practices. Contact us to develop your custom series on EDI topics like: 

Empathy | Trust | Microaggressions | Gender Inclusivity, Pronouns | Power Dynamics | And More

Thought Leadership

DJA is unique in the recently-crowded world of equity, diversity and inclusion consultants. We have been doing our own work for decades. We also, thankfully, collaborate with some of the world’s most credible EDI and global leadership experts to bring you content and tools that are aligned with the rapid pace of change. This summer’s Global Leadership Conference is a perfect example. 

COMING SOON! Select session recordings from the Global Leadership Conference, Rising to the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Locally and Globally, will be available. In a globally connected world, deep awareness of and proficiency in issues such as managing intercultural conflict, implementing strategy in ways that honor and align with local needs, and nurturing trust are vital topics for all managers of people, organizational or community leaders, and EDI and HR practitioners. 

Individual and Organizational Assessment and Coaching 

Over the past year we have witnessed a groundswell of enthusiasm, and demand for, Executive Coaching. We created a program that employs a distinctive approach centered in inclusive values and the identities and lived experiences of the people or groups with whom they work. Using credentialed International Coaching Federation coaches, this program is designed to meet the needs of the individual, including just-in-time coaching, short-term, targeted packages, and longer-term engagements. 


Our coaching practice is accompanied by a rich array of credible and validated assessments, including:

Contact us for more information on any of our training, products, or services. 

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